Fidencio Mezcal Clasico

Fidencio Mezcal Clasico

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Brand: Fidencio Mezcal


Maestro Mezcalero: Enrique Jimenez

Region: Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca

Agave: 100% Espadin

Harvesting Age: 10-12 years

Cooking: Oven – Pit roasted over black oak. Roasted for five days.

Destilation: Double distilled in Copper (undiluted)

Alc. %: 45% (It varies from batch to batch)

Description: Slightly sweet and subtle aromas of charcoal, and baked green apple and baked pear as the bouquet goes from slightly smoky to ripe orchard fruit. Midpalate is gracefully pitched, with maple, candied nuts andripe agave pulp. Ends on a honeyed note that is chewy and appealingly sweet.