Lobo de la Sierra Ensamble

Lobo de la Sierra Ensamble

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Brand: Lobo de la Sierra

Maestro Mezcalero: Don Gerardo Peña "El Lobo de la Sierra"

Region: Jacales, Sierra Occidental

Agave: Ensamble Maximiliana / Valenciana

Cooking: Adobe Oven, black Oak

Grinding: Roller mil

Fermentation: Plastic containers foodgrade, Wild yeast

Distillation: 2 distillations in stainless steal alembic

Alc. %: 46,7% (It varies from batch to batch)

Description: Lobo de la Sierra is Don Gerardos personal recipe. This Ensamble is the first ensamble we have from this producer in Europe. The profile is elegant, floral, not to invasive but full of flavour.