"El Elixir of the Gods", the podcast that uncovers the untold stories and hidden secrets of the agave world. Our mission is to bring to light the wealth of knowledge that exists within the industry, by interviewing some of the most knowledgeable people in the field.

We believe that there is a lot of information about agave that has not been written, and so we set out to gather that knowledge through insightful conversations with industry experts. Each episode is a deep dive into the history, culture, and production of agave spirits, offering listeners a rare glimpse into the world of mezcal, tequila, and other agave-based beverages.

Join us as we explore the complex and fascinating world of agave, sharing the stories of the people who dedicate their lives to producing some of the most revered spirits in the world. Whether you're a seasoned agave enthusiast or a curious newcomer, "El Elixir of the Gods" has something for everyone.

If you are interested in listening to them, click on the link below to go to our podcast: https://www.elixirofthegodspodcast.com/

Elixir of the Gods